Wednesday, January 5, 2011


so yes i am totally blogging this from my phone. anywho this one will be short and simple. i love having conversations. they can be funny,intellectual, spiritual, or just inane, i love them all. ive been having some really awesome conversations of recent with a good friend. one thing that was noted is that personal communication is better than group communication bc it is more focused. this really spoke truth into my spiritual life. doesnt god also desire one on one personal communication with us? yes group communication such as church or cg sees god doing work, but i firmly believe that the most meaningful conversations we have with god are in our quiet time with him

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Willie Mac said...

Mike, I understand your desire for conversation; it is unusual for our gender. Most guys just like to do things or they just like to or the other. I am learning, especially down here, that guys are not as "intelligent" as the females so they are nervous talking about more complex things. However, even the females in my church are reticent to speak when males are present.