Monday, September 27, 2010

Kick It!

Stuff that's on my mind/I feel like blogging about

-How do we come up with new words? Like there like a big meeting of all the English majors in the world? Do all the major Dictionaries jsut decide to add a word in? Whatever the answer is i feel i should be at these meetings...then we'd have awesome words like splendiferous.

-Also, how do we come up with holidays? not the major ones but the small ones like "National Talk like a Pirate Day"...can I get in on those meetings too? We would have National Give Presents to Mike Day!!! :D

-On to something more serious...How do i balance my desire to joke around and have fun with my desire to be serious. I have a really hard time blending the two into one seamless persona. This has led to situations in the recent past where i have been called fake. As I told my CG last week, My one desire is for others to see me as Real.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Habernero Sauce for your faith

On the one hand, it’s an extremely desirable trait.
Most of us, as Christians, would say we want to be
humble, right? Or at least we want to be thought of as
humble. At the same time, few of us have given attention
to what being humble actually means. Even fewer have
considered what it takes to grow in humility.
In place of true humility we learn certain words or
phrases that we believe make us sound humble: “Oh,
really, it was nothing” or “Anyone could have done it.” We
cast our eyes down and shrug our shoulders or maybe
even blush. Of course, we don’t really mean it—inside
we’re congratulating ourselves for how humble we look
and feel. We want that reputation but don’t know how to
get to the reality. Like children playing dress-up in their
parents’ clothes, we’re only acting humble; none of it really
fits us."-Joshua Harris

Monday, September 20, 2010


I've seen a post going around FB entitled "15 albums that will always stick with you." While I don't know if my list is filled with amazing great awesome music. This is my list with reasoning

1-Intermission(DC Talk)...Bitter sweet CD as it was the last one before they went Solo. Combined all the greatest hits into one mega awesome CD.

2-Restored(jeremy camp)...This was really my first worship album that i purely enjoyed. Really strong vocals and really moving lyrics.

3-Phenomenon(Thousand Foot Krutch)- Really my first foray into the Christian Rock sphere. I must admit i love the evolution of TFK as not one of their CD's sounds the same. This CD was solid nu-rock and every song is a hit in my book.

4-Two lefts don't make a right but three do(Relient K)-I mean honestly..who doesn't love this CD?

5-Beautiful Letdown(switchfoot)-A) I love this CD. B) This ended up being my first concert

6-Bloom(Unsed)-A local band from VA. This EP has some really solid music. I especially love the song "hands of God"

7-The young and the hopeless(Good CHarlote)-I was angsty at one point in my life

8-Strong Tower(Kutless)-My favorite worship CD to date

9-Instinct and Innocence(Red)-I LOVE RED! my favorite band.

10-One Day Remains(Alter Bridge)-I just really really like this CD. Some awesome rock and some catchy music. Metalingus!

11-Punisher Soundtrack(Various)-Really my introduction to a lot of the secular rock i listen to(chevelle, drowning pool, seether, etc)

12-How to Destroy Angels(How to destroy angels)-my first foray into indie Rock...pretty much set the standard for what i will listen to indie rock wise.

13-Day of Fire(Day of Fire)-My first intro to josh brown(great great testimony!!!) and some really awesome rock.

14-The Healing of Harms(Fireflight)-Really my introduction to chick fronted rock bands and what led me to trying out bands like paramore, flyleaf, and eowyn

15-Revenge of the OC Supertones(OC Supetones)-I like ska...the end

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The gym

So i was reading today(shameless plug!!!) and he talked about why he hated running outside...I figured I'd counter with why i hate working out indoors.

-I have the upper body strength of a 7 year girl...or something like that. Seriously i feel ridiculous when i bench because i barely have any weights on the bar...then some He-Man walks up and pushes up 200lbs+ like its a piece of cake...I hide in shame.

-You can never decide you don't want to do a workout anymore...once you start you have to finish...this means if i'm on the treadmill and my heart is exploding...i have to still run or else i'll look lame.

-I feel like the people in cars who see me working out think "oh wow look at that dedication to working out" (this is what i think when i see people work out) where as the people at the gym think "he comes to the gym and thats all he can do..."

just saying...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Who's got the funk?

man my life has really just been in a funk of late. Normally i would spend hours at the basketball court trying to break out of this but i have been so busy between work and school that i really haven't been able to address it. Kinda feel like i'm spinning in circles.

Highlights of the week/Stuff thats on my mind

-What on earth is up with VT football? Seriously
-Holy Plot development! Psych had a great end on its summer session to set up for spring... I love that show!
-Not going to be able to go to the almost/house of heroes concert... :(

Friday, September 3, 2010

Things I'm excited about

-30 Seconds to Mars concert tonight. I plan on taunting a couple friends with pics/videos after the concert. I'm really hoping they play kings and queens and the kill. Easily my favorite 30 STMs songs.

-please Google "carlos whittaker single ladies"

-Note on Carlos...he's going to be in VB with John Mark McMillian("how he Loves") and Jeremy Camp on October 23rd. I propose people go to this awesome worship experience.

-I swear I had a really awesome post to make and then it completely slipped my mind. Hope you don't mind this instead.

-RED was everything I hoped they'd be and more. The guys did awesome. i really wish VB got more pumped for opening acts.

-The Almost, Chasen, and House of Heroes on Sept 17th at Club Relevant=Awesome