Monday, February 28, 2011


I never quite know what the content of this blog should be. Sometimes i'll write an entire blog post and then delete it because i think it sounds too melodramatic. I try to keep things a bit lighthearted but also touch on some key things that are happening in my life. Its a super fine line and I guess I toe it well.

All that being said...I'm struggling. Spiritually, emotionally, physically....i feel like i've checked out of a lot of things. My New Years resolution was to get in shape...yet i made no realistic strides towards that progress. When I came to WEC my resolution was to grow spiritually and socially. Some days i feel i'm accomplishing those goals...others not so much. For the first time in my life...I feel like I am waiting for something to happen. Part of me wants to go out and do things my way..but i learned long ago that is a recipe for i sit here..waiting..listening..and praying.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Top 25 Most Played List

Currently on twitter, my friend Sean of the fabulous and I have been playing around with a hashtag #25mostplayedlist . This has been a nice fun diversion for us and its been very interesting comparing our lists. So far my list is:

25 - The Feel Good Drag: Anberlin
24 - Ladies and Gentlemen:Saliva
23 - Rollin:Big & Rich
22 - Miseria Cantare:AFI
21 - Ooh Aah(My life be like):grits
20 - after the world:disciple
19 - This is it:Jonah33
18 - Carry on my wayward son:kansas
17 - the kill:30 seconds to mars
16 - the dark side of indoor track meets:falling up
15 - Step Up:drowning pool
14 - Bring me to life:Evanescence

As you can see my music taste range all over the place(also shown by only 1 artist showing up twice in my top 25 list). I have country, rap, and rock all representing. So what about you? Want to join in on the hashtag madness? What is your #1 most listened to song?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart Shaped Candy

I thought about writing an entire post today listing the reasons I hate Valentines Day...but I'm not that much of a scrooge.

When I was a kid my favorite part of VDay was getting free candy from my fellow was like a mini-Halloween except without all the nasty Candy Corn. I think the most common candy was the Chalk Tasting Heart Shape Candy(white was my favorite flavor). On each Heart was written romantic words like "Hug Me"or "I love you". Also Spiderman VDay cards were the best. I never did figure out why handing those outs didn't make the ladies swoon ;)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Mind Dump

How did you spend your Super Bowl? We had my 55 inch LED tv hooked up in the living room with a 22 inch LCD connected in the dining room so you could grab food and not miss the game.

On the menu was such greats as Pizza, taquitos, chili, and chips & dip.

The commercial winners for our group seemed to be Pepsi Max and Doritos. That being said i still won't ever drink Pepsi Max.

On Half Time, while it did exceed some of the groups expectations, the black eye peas are just not a super bowl halftime show act. In fact the biggest reaction from the group came when Slash showed up before Fergie started murdering "Sweet Child O' Mine".

The group as a whole was rooting for the Packers so we were very happy with the results.

Some betting lines we would have hit if we actually gambled: The word "brave" being held for longer than 6 seconds and Aaron Rodgers as super bowl MVP

Betting Line we would have loss: christina aguilera singing the anthem correctly.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Most of yall know I am absolutely a huge fan of the band RED. Well today they released their newest CD Until We Have Faces based on C.S. Lewis novel of the same name. If you want a quick listen you can currently hear it here

I've already listened through it a few times and it exceeded my expectations.

Also set your calenders for May 8th, Alter Bridge will be hitting it up at the norva!