Monday, February 21, 2011

Top 25 Most Played List

Currently on twitter, my friend Sean of the fabulous and I have been playing around with a hashtag #25mostplayedlist . This has been a nice fun diversion for us and its been very interesting comparing our lists. So far my list is:

25 - The Feel Good Drag: Anberlin
24 - Ladies and Gentlemen:Saliva
23 - Rollin:Big & Rich
22 - Miseria Cantare:AFI
21 - Ooh Aah(My life be like):grits
20 - after the world:disciple
19 - This is it:Jonah33
18 - Carry on my wayward son:kansas
17 - the kill:30 seconds to mars
16 - the dark side of indoor track meets:falling up
15 - Step Up:drowning pool
14 - Bring me to life:Evanescence

As you can see my music taste range all over the place(also shown by only 1 artist showing up twice in my top 25 list). I have country, rap, and rock all representing. So what about you? Want to join in on the hashtag madness? What is your #1 most listened to song?

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