Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Mind Dump

How did you spend your Super Bowl? We had my 55 inch LED tv hooked up in the living room with a 22 inch LCD connected in the dining room so you could grab food and not miss the game.

On the menu was such greats as Pizza, taquitos, chili, and chips & dip.

The commercial winners for our group seemed to be Pepsi Max and Doritos. That being said i still won't ever drink Pepsi Max.

On Half Time, while it did exceed some of the groups expectations, the black eye peas are just not a super bowl halftime show act. In fact the biggest reaction from the group came when Slash showed up before Fergie started murdering "Sweet Child O' Mine".

The group as a whole was rooting for the Packers so we were very happy with the results.

Some betting lines we would have hit if we actually gambled: The word "brave" being held for longer than 6 seconds and Aaron Rodgers as super bowl MVP

Betting Line we would have loss: christina aguilera singing the anthem correctly.

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AceG said...

Death would have been a sweet release for that song. No, she tortured it on a morally questionable basis for information concerning the whereabouts of osama bin laden.