Friday, September 24, 2010

Habernero Sauce for your faith

On the one hand, it’s an extremely desirable trait.
Most of us, as Christians, would say we want to be
humble, right? Or at least we want to be thought of as
humble. At the same time, few of us have given attention
to what being humble actually means. Even fewer have
considered what it takes to grow in humility.
In place of true humility we learn certain words or
phrases that we believe make us sound humble: “Oh,
really, it was nothing” or “Anyone could have done it.” We
cast our eyes down and shrug our shoulders or maybe
even blush. Of course, we don’t really mean it—inside
we’re congratulating ourselves for how humble we look
and feel. We want that reputation but don’t know how to
get to the reality. Like children playing dress-up in their
parents’ clothes, we’re only acting humble; none of it really
fits us."-Joshua Harris

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