Monday, September 20, 2010


I've seen a post going around FB entitled "15 albums that will always stick with you." While I don't know if my list is filled with amazing great awesome music. This is my list with reasoning

1-Intermission(DC Talk)...Bitter sweet CD as it was the last one before they went Solo. Combined all the greatest hits into one mega awesome CD.

2-Restored(jeremy camp)...This was really my first worship album that i purely enjoyed. Really strong vocals and really moving lyrics.

3-Phenomenon(Thousand Foot Krutch)- Really my first foray into the Christian Rock sphere. I must admit i love the evolution of TFK as not one of their CD's sounds the same. This CD was solid nu-rock and every song is a hit in my book.

4-Two lefts don't make a right but three do(Relient K)-I mean honestly..who doesn't love this CD?

5-Beautiful Letdown(switchfoot)-A) I love this CD. B) This ended up being my first concert

6-Bloom(Unsed)-A local band from VA. This EP has some really solid music. I especially love the song "hands of God"

7-The young and the hopeless(Good CHarlote)-I was angsty at one point in my life

8-Strong Tower(Kutless)-My favorite worship CD to date

9-Instinct and Innocence(Red)-I LOVE RED! my favorite band.

10-One Day Remains(Alter Bridge)-I just really really like this CD. Some awesome rock and some catchy music. Metalingus!

11-Punisher Soundtrack(Various)-Really my introduction to a lot of the secular rock i listen to(chevelle, drowning pool, seether, etc)

12-How to Destroy Angels(How to destroy angels)-my first foray into indie Rock...pretty much set the standard for what i will listen to indie rock wise.

13-Day of Fire(Day of Fire)-My first intro to josh brown(great great testimony!!!) and some really awesome rock.

14-The Healing of Harms(Fireflight)-Really my introduction to chick fronted rock bands and what led me to trying out bands like paramore, flyleaf, and eowyn

15-Revenge of the OC Supertones(OC Supetones)-I like ska...the end

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