Friday, September 3, 2010

Things I'm excited about

-30 Seconds to Mars concert tonight. I plan on taunting a couple friends with pics/videos after the concert. I'm really hoping they play kings and queens and the kill. Easily my favorite 30 STMs songs.

-please Google "carlos whittaker single ladies"

-Note on Carlos...he's going to be in VB with John Mark McMillian("how he Loves") and Jeremy Camp on October 23rd. I propose people go to this awesome worship experience.

-I swear I had a really awesome post to make and then it completely slipped my mind. Hope you don't mind this instead.

-RED was everything I hoped they'd be and more. The guys did awesome. i really wish VB got more pumped for opening acts.

-The Almost, Chasen, and House of Heroes on Sept 17th at Club Relevant=Awesome

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