Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The gym

So i was reading robshep.com today(shameless plug!!!) and he talked about why he hated running outside...I figured I'd counter with why i hate working out indoors.

-I have the upper body strength of a 7 year girl...or something like that. Seriously i feel ridiculous when i bench because i barely have any weights on the bar...then some He-Man walks up and pushes up 200lbs+ like its a piece of cake...I hide in shame.

-You can never decide you don't want to do a workout anymore...once you start you have to finish...this means if i'm on the treadmill and my heart is exploding...i have to still run or else i'll look lame.

-I feel like the people in cars who see me working out think "oh wow look at that dedication to working out" (this is what i think when i see people work out) where as the people at the gym think "he comes to the gym and thats all he can do..."

just saying...

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