Monday, January 31, 2011

Here We Go....

Decided for a far more fun post this week. Just wanted to throw some things that have been in my mind out there.

  • February is A) a really hard month to spell...I mean seriously who ever heard of the u before a rule? B)The shortest month..which is awesome because that means March gets here quicker. 3)The month billions of roses die.
  • So I've been thinking about the incredible hulk recently. In the movies/comics, bruce banner's wife is the only person who can talk him out of Hulk state back into his real persona. I think this is unrealistic. Really? The person you spend all your time with is ALWAYS going to get you less angry? Wonder what fights in that household are like.
  • My birthday is coming March. Did I mention February is a really slow month. I hope i get something awesome.


mikedominice said...

Remember, your birthday is a whole week or two before mine. You old fogey, you.

Rob said...

Good stuff. I like your thoughts about Hulk, but I do think that Monica could talk me down if I were to turn into a Hulk.