Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Calender It Up

So some big things coming up on the calender that I wanted to make note of for myself:

January 14th-I will be going to see Anberlin and Circa Survive perform at the national in Richmond. SHould be a good show. Will be my first time seeing Anberlin live.

Febuary 14th-Single's Awareness Day!!!-my absolutely least favorite holiday that we celebrate.

March 14th- My Birthday!!! Probably the best Holiday we celebrate. Also known as PI day(3.14 get it?) I share my bday with Albert if i only shared the intelligence.

March 20th-I'll be hitting up the RED acoustical experience before winter Jam at the Scope. Basically I get to Meet the band, get a FREE ticket to WinterJam and get to go in the doors EARLY with the band. Get a free poster, get pictures, autographs AND a free acoustic show ON THE BUS.


Now that that's done on to the blog post proper. Something that has been going through my mind is that i wish asking someone on a date didn't have all the social ramifications associated with it. While I'm alright with being rejected by a girl, what really sucks is knowing that if she does reject you that the level of friendship you currently share will never be the same again. I'd say this singular thought has paralyzed me most with my dating or lack thereof.


mikedominice said...

I think the easiest way to get rid of all the social wierdness associated with asking a girl out on a date is to treat it as little like a date as possible. Make it casual, friendly, non-confrontational, and non-romantic.

It's easy to ask someone to go with you to get coffee or catch a movie with a group of people; do this a few times and they are totally used to hanging out with you. It's just a small step from there to get a cup of coffee / casual lunch just the two of you.

The key is to take it slow. Awkwardness is totally overcome if you're slow and steady and keep from diving in too deep right away.

AceG said...

Seen Anberlin 3 times now...great show.

Willie Mac said...

Mike, some girls are just worth taking the risk for and I agree with "mikedominice," it has to be an organic relationship that has rhythm and a steady pace...don't push it or you will destroy ANY relationship you had.

But like I said, sometimes you just have to take the risk. Trust me, I know.