Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bringing in New Years with a bang...or a whimper

I'm fat. or rather should i state I am not at my ideal weight. Now, don't get me wrong I'm not eating ice cream by the barrel and i don't have kankles but more and more I'm becoming displeased with my physically image. I worked my butt off all through college to keep my weight in the 160-170 range and I've been toying with the 180-190 range a lot recently. You may say who cares? well for one I do. I really dislike being out of shape and the 20 pounds is definitely noticeable especially in my face. The extra weight gives me more of a "baby face". As some one you struggles with people thinking he's not 22, I'm hoping to do something about it this new year.

My goal: 165 lbs.
My TimeFrame: By my birthday(March 14).
How: Hard work and eating out less

Let the game begin

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Keren said...

Good luck with your goal weight! I'm going to try exercising starting in January as well... we'll see how that goes!