Wednesday, December 15, 2010

thoughts(or something like it)

1)RED recently sent out a link to download the free mp3 of Feed The Machine from their upcoming CD. Definitely a much harder sound than the previous cd's. This isn't neccesarily a bad thing but i hope that in creating the CD that they maintained their trademark sounds(strings/Michael's clear vocals/slow ballads/etc) on some of the other tracks

2)Its almost christmas...and i have done zero christmas shopping. I also have NO clue at all what i want for christmas this year. I do however have two things on my wish list for next year.

3)Those two things were announced at the Spike VGA's this past weekend: Uncharted 3 and Resistence 3 for PS3...woot woot. So excited. My roomates are equally excited for
The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim

4)Whats your favorite christmas song? Mine is definitely Oh Holy Night


mikedominice said...

what is your favorite version of "O Holy Night"? Mine is by Future of Forestry on their first Advent EP. Epic.

Mike Harper said...

Josh Groban currently. Never heard of Future of Forestry