Thursday, June 14, 2012

Check ..Check.. Check it out

So one of my very good friends is out of the states and i made a promise to blog all the fun that happened too me.I'm not sure this is even possible but I'm going to do my best. Yesterday I got a new phone so I could keep my unlimited plan. I got the Droid Razr MAXX so that I could be cool and act like a total boss. It has a huge size of my palm display. When Jess saw it she asked why i didn't just buy an ipad and then use skype to talk. I imagine I would totally get all the ladies walking around holding an ipad up against my face whilst smooth talking them over skype lol. Keeping this first post short because i'm not sure how much awesome i want to share here.

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Meghan Puckli said...

YES! Thank you!!! Keep posting about all of your awesome-ness!