Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Camp Stories

I use to counsel at an inner city camp called camp hope haven(run by the union mission). There are soooo many stories i could tell that would make some one laugh: the invention of shafer sphere, camp skits, camp songs....really an amazingly fun time.

One week we had a camper come up to us(the junior counselors) and ask us where Bobby was. None of the counselors knew who Bobby was so we started scouring the campus for any one named bobby. Panic set in as we feared that a camper had been lost. Finally, we found the senior counselor for that camper and he informed us that Bobby was actually an imaginary friend. For the rest of the summer, any thing that went wrong and/or missing was blamed on Bobby. At the end of the year camp fire we had a testimonial/story sharing time. One person threw there walking stick into the camp fire to as it was starting to die. Rob(head of activities) then goes "i know something else we can throw in the fire! Bobby!" while mimicking placing someone in the fire. Everyone laughed.

I still like to blame stuff on bobby....or sean . It is always Sean's fault.

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