Monday, May 2, 2011

Buying a house(why i have not blogged in forever)

Sorry about the lack of blogging on my front...but i've been too busy BUYING A HOUSE. I'm excited/scared/nervous/overwhelmed/happy. A big reason i decided to buy is bc i didn't want to be one of those people who just rents forever. I really feel like renting is a black hole for my money(you get no ROI).

On the other news friend Sean of the fabulous just got married. YAY! Sean is a super cool guy and his wedding was a blast. I believe my favorite portion was watching sean awkwardly made me feel better about my own dancing.

PSN is down and its been a weird period of no online play..and *GASP* hackers are to blame. Its all good though as its giving me more time to read(Game of Thrones) and play SC2.(GO TERRAN!)

Hopefully once i settle down here in a bit i can get back to regularly blogging


Angie said...

I think buying a house will definitely be worth it in the long run. Once the initial stress is over and you can relax, that is!

Glad you had fun at the wedding! Too bad there was no "Friday" or some videos of the dance moves you were telling me about. :P

StarCraft 2 looks amazing but I seriously don't think I could handle it. I have a hunch I'd get pwned similar to your pwning me at some Scrabble. >:[

And I really want to read Game of Thrones. I've been really enjoying the show and I hear really good things about the books too.

Keren said...

Game of Thrones is amazing! Glad you're reading it - so worth it. I really really really want to watch it on HBO, but alas I have no television service and they aren't putting the episodes online, BOO to that!

AceG said...

I'm both glad you made it and glad you feel more comfortable dancing with me around. +1 to extreme awkwardness :)

Congrats on the house buying!

FYI-You've rekindled my interest in SC2. A once dead hobby of mine!