Monday, May 16, 2011


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  • Now that I've moved to Hampton the first things on my to-do list are to find a good pizza joint and a good mexican joint.
  • also buying know the old saying "people in glass houses shouldn't run around naked"...or something like that.
  • I'm really excited about the Mavs doing well in these playoffs. also really excited about Man U clenching another EPL title.
  • Speaking of Man U, they play Barcelona on May 28th for the title of "Best team in the known Universe"
  • For some reason I've been blasting Lecrae non-stop this weekend. #thuglife


mikedominice said...

Plaza and Marco's, for Mexican and pizza, respectively.

Justin F Brunelle said...

where in hampton? I work on macgruder blvd right off the highway.