Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Roll Call

Sort of a top five thoughts of the day sort of post

1. RED has been posting teases of their "Until we have faces" Release...I'm really excited yet trying not to set my expectations too high.

2. Apparently some movie called "harry potter" comes out soon..i've heard its suppose to be good. I've never read the books but i have seen the other movies...but none of them in you know something about Mike

3.I struggle with letting people know how i'm feeling...i notice this more and more with my CG. I want them to pray for certain things but i never feel like giving the details behind why i feel the way i feel.

4.I have a PS3...see my earlier post on why i did so..anywho..BlackOps is sooo much fun. I love playing online..haven't even touched single player yet haha

5.I also am finding new ways to new church sings songs i'm not very familiar with but that are very powerful. Its good learning new songs that you can shout to God

Psalm 98:1
Sing to the LORD a new song,
for he has done marvelous things;
his right hand and his holy arm
have worked salvation.

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