Monday, November 1, 2010


I like know in the "they are super cool but i am sure glad they don't really exist" sort of way. I think Halloween is one of those holidays I'll never understand. Most of that is due to my upbringing. You see...Halloween use to be "of the devil" as did rock music, rated R movies, and just about everything else. So i never really dressed up, never went trick or treating..and as a whole don't understand the fascination with the day.

I do however understand the fascination with scary movies! I love scary movies! anything that is deep/dark/disturbing i am totally game for!. With all this said i went to go to see Saw3D last night. I love the saw series because its always had an underlying psychological element to it...not so with this movie. It was blood and guts and more blood and guts without a semblance of plot/meaning. I really hope this is the last in the series...a series with so much promise that really just did not work out.

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