Monday, November 8, 2010

The Big Church Syndrome

Having come from a big church and currently attending a big church...i hear the same primary complaint from people who visit, mainly "This church is TOO big." However, I don't think the complaint is directed at the size of the church. What i think the real complaint is "I don't feel like i fit in." I feel that this complaint is easily to address for the church.

If you currently attend a big church:
-look at who is "hugging the wall" in the foyer. These people are probably new to the church and a bit taken back by its size. Greeting them helps connect them to the church and makes them feel involved.
-Similarly, look for those wondering the foyer/sitting alone as they can also be new people.

Basically in case those points didn't do it for you...LOOK FOR NEW FACES! Yes most likely the greeting team welcomed them, but real conversation starts with us stepping out of our comfort zones and saying hello.


AceG said...

Good post!

I have gone to both big and small churches and have noticed the very different dynamics of the two.

I was initially turned off by the big church scene until I discovered/was told of a must-do when it comes to big churches, if you plan on making said church your church home; you have to get plugged into a smaller area.

A Sunday service is not the place to build relationships, atleast not for most people I feel. In order to get "plugged in" you gotta go the route of community groups and/or volunteer. You can go see a sermon every Sunday for years and not feel connected if that's all you did.

I've always found in my own life that when I take the next step to get plugged into a big church beyond just attending every Sunday, He has never left me wanting in the friends department.

AceG said...

Also not to contradict what your saying..I agree that when new people are greeted it definitely enhances the experience of stepping into a massive church for the first time!