Monday, March 28, 2011


Roughly on January 1st, I wrote a blog about how I wished to lose weight. I pined about how i was going to eat healthy and work out more and get in tip top shape. Guess what? I did not lose any weight. I look back now and reflect on why I didn't get in shape, it all comes down to one word... "accountability". Mainly the fact that I had none. No one to push me into the gym on the days i didn't want to go. No one to ask me if i was sticking to my diet. No one to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Now think about all the other portions of your life. Your relationships, your work...are you accountable in those? How about your spiritual walk? Who are you accountable to? Sure you can have intentions on reading the bible more...of growing in your spiritual walk. But who is the person that pushes you when you need it? I find i fail at doing things on my own. Its a necessity for me to walk through life with accountability.


Justin F Brunelle said...

going to the gym friday to ball at 9:00 AM dude. Pushy push push.

Doug Taylor said...

Thankfully exercise is not required to lose weight. Only less food.

Staying healthy? Now that's a different story.