Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shock and Awe

Shock and Awe...roughly my reaction to getting to meet my favorite band in person for the first time. On sunday, I got to meet all the guys of RED and chill on their tour bus for the RED Acoustic Experience. Since I'm sure RED doesn't me spoiling all the goodness I will simply say it is well worth the money to attend. The guys were definitely chill and joked around with the entire group of 6 that got to attend this experience.The RED guys rocked out the start of Winterjam and judging by the line at their merch table throughout the night it seems like they made some new fans.

But one thing bothered me....throughout the night I heard people judging the band for the style of music they play. This shocked me. Do we really believe God is limited to a particular style of praise? I feel God desires glory and we should give it to him. He tells us to make a loud noise and fill the earth with song...no matter whether that be rock, hip-hop, heavy metal, or pop. In the end, as long as the object of our affection is God, the style of our music should not matter.

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