Thursday, July 7, 2011

Musings(A Break From Songs As It Were)

These musings are the sole property of the brain of Michael Harper. They do reflect how scatterbrained he is. This post is not copied right from wikipedia and may be used without the expressed written consent of the National Football League

  • Green Lantern flopped at the movie theaters. This did not surprise know why: Ryan Reynolds. Hasn't the past 10 of comedy central shown us that Ryan doesn't make a good lead actor....or really a good actor at all.
  • Transformers 3 did not accounting for peoples taste for explosions i guess.
  • Future of Forestry and Falling Up have been my go-to bands for the past month.
  • Tomorrow RED will be in concert in VA and i have to miss it :(
  • I got a google+ account....its not anything special...sort of reminds me of linked in(thats not a compliment)
  • I feel like i'm seriously lacking motivation...for all..ever

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