Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Checking my email

I find that checking my email can either be the most glorious of experience or the most dejecting. Actually the same goes for checking my text messages and my twitters...tweets? anywho...the point I'm getting at is that when i'm gone from technology for a while(like out playing tennis) and i get back i EXPECT to see some reply. My thought process is "surely someone cares about me enough to contact me in some manner in the past 3 hours"

Sometimes I wonder if God is like me. Like...if i don't pray to God on a consistent basis(which is normally the case) does it cause Him heartache? I find myself being reminded that I need to be in consistent dialogue with God. If i'm not i tend to lose focus from what's really important.

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Rob said...

Great stuff. Keep up the good posting!