Friday, September 7, 2007


Okay this may be a far stretch but follow me here. So...recently i began to watch Bleach, a japinese cartoon(anime). It is pretty interesting. Anywho-in the beggining the main character, Ichigo, is having trouble controlling his spiritual energy. Boy, I wish I had that problem. So many times i find myself laying back in situations that beg for me to share Christ or to be Christ-like.

Christianity is suppose to be applied on the offensive(like not defense) side of the equation. In Matthew 16:18, Jesus reminds peter that the church which He will build will be established-in fact it will be established so well that even the gates of Hell will not be able to stand against the message of christianity. So many times i believe that to mean Hell is attacking heavens gates, but Jesus is saying that the gates OF HELL will not be able to stand.

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