Friday, July 27, 2012

Church Shopping

I have been church shopping since last October...Someone asked me why I hadn't found a church yet and I decided to blog it just to get others input etc. This list jsut reflects sentimental reasons and doesn't even begin to touch the issue of proper theology.

1)Pretty much every church I've walked into, waited around in the lobby for a bit(greater than 10 minutes), sat down, and walked out without one person other than the occasional door greater talking to me. The church is suppose to be a fellowship of believers and I have not sensed said fellowship in quite some time.

2)Looking around I see almost NO ONE my age. I want to be able to fellowship with people my age in a meaningful way. Its quite disappointing to see no one my age there.

3)The feeling of wasting my sunday morning. Honestly when i go to a church i hope it to be a good one. I've done research, visited the website, and deemed it a possibility(almost like trying to date ^.^) When that church doesn't live up to my expectations I frankly get even more depressed. No bueno


mikedominice said...

(just playing devil's advocate)

Is it possible that your expectations are unrealistic? It may be worthwhile to sit down and write down all the expectations you have of a Sunday morning church experience and evaluate them carefully.

AceG said...

Good post, with lots of discussion potential!

1. I have found that a lot of churches, oddly enough, are pretty shy in terms of initial first impressions. Especially in the hustle and bustle of coming into/leaving services. Some people are pretty awesome at making an effort to welcome newcomers, but most people slip in and out unnoticed (unless a visitor makes an effort)

I guess this can be seen as wrong, I see it more as normal human behavior. I wouldn't count it as a strike against a church (mainly because the relationships developed in the church far outweigh this, and those relationships happen with a more concentrated effort)..So much more to say on that topic but...moving on!

2. I can definitely see this as an issue. I would question a church on more then 1 level if it doesn't attract at least somewhat of a younger crowd. (while still sticking to uncompromising biblical principles that is), but if a church met every other mark besides this one, I think I would give it some time to see if God would provide the people needed in your life.

3. This I 100% relate to. UGH. I hated the feeling of going to many different churches with the critical eye for what was being preached, and mostly being disappointed. I did stop for a couple of months before we met due to being so discouraged...

I can honestly say now though that God provided the church we currently attend. And I think that's how God wants to operate in a church-shoppers heart. When we do find that church He has in mind, He wants us to give the glory back to Him for providing. I remember a lot of prayer (and googling...guess which one was more effective) went into the process, and a dedication like no other- with the constant mindset that He has something out there for us.

Mike's idea is a great one. I would add seek out bible-grounded men to go over them with.

I wish the comment box had a word count, so I can then see if my post is actually longer then yours...In anycase, praying it up for you bro(as always) and looking forward to our next tennis get together. (I think we should do clay- that will give me the edge I so desperately need against you)